Barbell Shoulder Press

Barbell Shoulder Press


1. Seated on a bench, take a shoulder-width grip on the bar with your palms fadng forward.
2. lower the weight slowly (in front) until it touches your upper chest.
3. Push vertically upward until your elbows lock out
Muscles Involved
Primary: Anterior deltoid.
Secondary: lateral deltoid, triceps, trapezius, and upper pectoralis.

barbell shoulder pressAnatomic Focus
Hand spacing: A shoulder-width grip is preferred to target the anterior deltoid. Wider grips on the bar minimize triceps contribution, but as the grip gets wider the risk of shoulder injury increases.
Range of motion: A shorter rep terminating the press Just before lockout keeps tension on the deltoid.
Positioning: Performing the exercise while seated upright is a stricter version than standing and prevents cheating the weight upward using momentum generated by the legs.

Machines provide better stability and safety and offer a choice of handgrips. A neutral grip (palms facing together) targets the anterior deltoid better than a pronated grip (palms forward).

barbell shoulder press variationsAdditional variation:
Behind-the-neck press: This version places the shoulder in more external rotation, and the risk of shoulder injury is greater when the weight is lifted behind the neck.