A Big Discovery In Faster Fat Loss

A Big Discovery In Faster Fat Loss


The big secret I’ve found is that combining high intensity cardio with high intensity strength training into one workout is the absolute fastest way to burning fat, building muscle, strength and endurance…all at the same time. It awakens and unlocks the fat burning furnace inside of your body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Even faster fat loss can be reached by using the bodyweight burn which can be bought in our store.

It must be performed correctly however, not like you see the typical person using weight training… Perhaps the best part is, as you progress, you’ll have to perform even less exercise…that’s right, even less exercise (this is an amazing but true fact of how the body’s ability to tolerate intense exercise actually decreases the stronger and leaner you get.)


To experience the benefits for yourself, let’s take the Squat exercise as an example. The Squat is one of the top 2 exercises for burning fat and building a strong and shapely body. But sadly most people spend too much time with the exercise but without enough intensity. Here’s how to change that: Instead of performing a set or two of warm ups followed by 3-5 “work sets” as most people would do, try this. Cut the amount of weight you use in half. SLOW the movement down to about 5-10 seconds per repetition (concentrate on a slow  lifting, pausing at the top, and a slower lowering of the weight), right from the very first one. Keep doing this until you cannot complete another repetition in at this speed despite your greatest, and I mean, greatest effort.


Now, 99% of people working out today have never experienced what you will experience after performing only 1 set of the Squat exercise in this fashion. If you did this right, your heart will be racing…your lungs gasping for air…your thighs, butt, hips, and calves will feel like jello. And it probably took you only about 60 seconds to stimulate your body this way. You can even try this without any equipment and just do a bodyweight Squat. You’ll want to slow this down even further, depending on your strength level in the movement, but you’ll still feel the amazing difference.

This is a window into the kind of exercise that I and my students have been using to simultaneously burn stubborn body fat, build strong sexy muscle, strength, and endurance, all in just minutes per week. And it can keep the fat off permanently. Compared to what’s typically recommended these days, it’s almost magical.