Equipment needed for an effective bodybuilding training

Equipment needed for an effective bodybuilding training


Equipment needed for an effective bodybuilding training

Machines limit the lifter’s range of motion. Your muscles don’t work like a robot’s limbs in real life and they shouldn’t in the gym. Free weights are best, but there are other tools of the trade that can help you achieve the body you’re looking for. Here’s my list of essential gear.

Dumbbells — preferably a set of 20-pound to 100-pound weights The dumbbell is the most versatile training tool, and most gyms carry weights up to 100 pounds. If you train at home, you may want to consider buying a set of PowerBlocks or looking to local “for sale” lists online to find an inexpensive set of used dumbbells.


Barbells — 45-pound barbell with 300 to 400 pounds. You can get a standard Olympic barbell at most fitness equipment stores that will come with a 300- pound weight set of plates. I’ve had major success finding extra weights on craigslist, but shop around and you’ll find what you are looking for. A company like offers many options for weight plates and barbells.

Exercise Bench
An adjustable bench is best. A flat bench will work, but in order to hit both incline and decline exercises, you’ll need one that is more versatile.

Squat Rack
A squat rack can act as the foundation for all your barbell movements. Pressing, rowing, chins, deadlifts, and squats all need a home. The squat rack will provide this. If you are willing to spend the money on a solid squat rack for your home, look into, but most gyms will have you covered.

Blast Strap
A great bodyweight tool for pushing and pulling movements, the blast strap is available at

This suspension trainer is a versatile tool for bodyweight movements that you can take anywhere. TRX straps are a bit more expensive but a valuable tool to take on the road. 

Track, Hill, or Stadium Steps
Use these options during high-intensity cardio days.

High-Density Foam Roller
For warmup and self-massage, foam rollers come in various sizes. A good versatile size is a 36-inch round model.

Bike, Treadmill, Track
These can be used for other cardio options or high–intensity interval training (HIIT cardio)