Ten glasses of water a day

Ten glasses of water a day


Ten glasses of water a day for weight loss

As we grow older, our parents decide what and how much we should eat. With their ancient instincts for survival, and with the best interests of their children at heart, they often put more food than we need on our plates, telling us to finish it all up, and not waste the food. Notwithstanding our protests, often in tears, we end up eating all the food placed in front of us. Over time, we become conditioned to eat more than we need, faithfully finishing whatever is on our plates. Our stomachs get stretched and become trained to accommodate larger and larger quantities of food. At the same time, our instinctive taste for food that is fatty,* saltish and sweet develops.


Commercial food manufacturers know our vulnerability to such tastes, and ensure that packaged and canned food and snacks are always fatty, saltish or sweet, making them irresistible, so that we are reluctant to put them away. In short, food, especially commercial snacks, quickly become addictive. As we grow up, these habits become more ingrained, becoming worse when we reach our teens — a stage when we are less dependent on our parents for supervision. With our pocket money, we can afford to buy all the food and snacks that we want. Parents often give up control of their children by now, and top nagging at us to eat more vegetables and fruits. When we sit in front of the TV, it is difficult to stop snacking — nuts, chocolates, icecreams, potato chips, pretzels, popcorn etc.

Over time, our stomach walls are stretched further and further to accommodate the progressively larger quantities of food that we eat at a time. With the signals of a stretched stomach indicating a sense of fullness coming later and later, the increased food intake results in weight increase and obesity. The first step in T.H.E. Diet is to accommodate the ancient instinct which has now turned harmful — namely, to eat as much as possible before the feeling of fullness kicks in. To do this, we fill our stomachs somewhat before the meal proper — with the aid of water. The human body is made up of about 60% water. Water is the greatest life-saver for those of us who are overweight and wish to bring our weights down to achieve a slimmer, healthier and fitter body.


It has zero calories, is easily available and is free (most of the time). Step one of T.H.E. Diet is to drink two glasses of water (totaling 500 ml) immediately before each meal. (For those with the habit of snacking in between meals, drink another two glasses of water, before snacking during your morning or afternoon breaks. If you can drink the two glasses of water only without taking your snacks, so much the better.) Ignore all discouraging talk about drinking water before your meals. (Many people enjoy cocktails, and drink large quantities of alcohol or soft drinks (flavoured sugared water) before they eat. Also, in many societies, the normal practice is to drink a bowl of soup before the main course.) Remember, your body is sophisticated enough to adapt and will continue to digest the food that you eat after the two glasses of water.