The Anti-Catabolic Workout Drink

The Anti-Catabolic Workout Drink


This mixture of supplements is to be used at the beginning of your workout and throughout it. During your workout the body begins to break down muscle and use it as an energy source. If something is not supplemented in its place your muscles will be used up as energy. This drink will not only replace the energy source during your workout but will also boost your anabolic drive, so you come out one step ahead after your workout instead of one step back. The ingredients used in this workout drink are: ribose, branched chain amino acids (BCAA), and glutamine. 

These 3 supplements will enable your body to go through your workout and at the same time increase your rate of protein synthesis (a sure sign of anabolism), increase your growth hormone and raise your insulin. And as I mention before if insulin is in your system cortisol is out. Let’s look at each ingredient and the role they play in this highly potent mixture.

The 3 Week Diet

In order to spare your muscle from being used up as an energy source in your workout, glutamine and ribose are the two supplements in this mix that help spare your hard earned muscle. The body will call upon the available glutamine and ribose to supply the energy for the workout. The branched chain amino acids come into play by increasing both your growth hormone and insulin. This tilts your testosterone to cortisol ratio in the favor of testosterone. To put it simply, it throws your body into ananabolic state of growing muscle instead of breaking it down. As a result, you come out ahead in your quest to gain muscle and not behind.

Now imagine combining this compound with the first one. Not only will youcome out a step ahead after you take this one but you are already in a highlyanabolic state even before you go to take your Big 3 hormonal compound.Combining the two will put your body into a hyper anabolic state packing onmuscle at an unbelievable rate. You definitely need to try this!

Here are the ingredients for creating your anti-catabolic shake according to your bodyweight:
0.2 grams of whey protein per lean pound of bodyweight
5 grams of ribose every 200 lbs. (2.5 for every 100 lbs.)
10 grams of glutamine every 200lbs.

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An example for a 200 lb. person with 10% body fat is as follows:
** 38 grams of whey protein
5 grams of ribose
10 grams of glutamine

glutamine powder ribose supplement whey protein

Mix with water and start drinking 15 min before you start your
workout and all during. Pace yourself and try to time it so you sip your last sip after your last rep.
**Note: whey protein contains all of the essential amino acids and is much cheaper then BCAA tablets.