Why Diets Fail?

Why Diets Fail?


There are reasons of why diets fail

Besides emptying your pocketbook, the main problem with most popular diets is they give you an excuse to put off making the permanent changes in lifestyle and thinking you need for lasting weight loss. You can lose weight with any diet that restricts calories, and all you have to do to keep the weight off is stay on the diet. In reality, though, most diets are so unpleasant, inconvenient, boring, complex, or expensive that they are difficult to stick with for very long.2 As you fall back into old habits, you regain the weight. After slipping back to the same old weight two or three times, you start to believe that it must be your “natural” weight, and you quit trying altogether. There are many diets provided, if no one helps, you can try our promising weight loss products here.
Most diets are difficult to stick with for very long.
A group of University of California researchers reviewed scientific studies of the long-term effects of dieting. They
found that most of the weight dieters lost was regained within four or five years. In fact, in some of the studies they analyzed, a history of dieting appeared to lead to more weight gain, not less, over time. They concluded that dieters who manage to keep the weight off “are the rare exception rather than the rule” and that “there is little support for the notion that diets lead to lasting weight loss or health benefits.”3 Top health experts agree that lasting weight loss for most people is best accomplished by making permanent changes in eating habits and physical activity.4 Changing habits takes time, but without real lifestyle changes, any weight you lose will soon return. 

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