Why warm-up before training is so important?

Why warm-up before training is so important?


Warm-up before training is very important.

Cold muscles are tight muscles.

Tight muscles often lead to fatigue, soreness, injury, lack of mobility, and even a reduction in the muscle symmetry you are trying to achieve. Warm, flexible muscles are muscles ready for work. Good flexibility allows a muscle to lengthen and the joints to operate through a full range of motion. When muscles are elastic, your posture improves and you breathe deeper, sending more oxygen-rich blood to your muscles and brain. That’s everything a bodybuilder in training needs. So, never jump into a workout without doing a proper warmup.


You’ll get a better workout if you do, and you’ll significantly reduce your risk of injury. No matter which workout split you choose, begin each workout by preparing your muscles. On the following page are three of my favorite warmup routines. In addition to common dynamic stretches, I always incorporate some myofascial release moves into my warmup using a high-density closed-cell foam roller, so I’ve built roller exercises into the three sample warmups.

A foam roller is an amazing tool for bodybuilders because the self-massage quickly forces warming blood to the muscle tissues and helps to elongate muscles. You can also use the foam roller whenever you feel tight and sore. Here are the warmup exercise lists.